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Useful Nether Quartz Add-On

Nether Quartz is only used to craft a few things, and outside of decorative aspects is almost never used in the game, This addon will give you a purpose to mine for Nether Quartz outside of grinding XP. There are a lot of features introduced and even deterrents that compel you to take advantage of these new features. This does not replace any vanilla mobs. 

Unofficial HardMode Patch

This is not recommended for casual gameplay. This addon is designed to make you struggle through every second of combat and adventure. Ever had Minecraft feel too easy and wanted a REAL challenge. This addon will far surpass that desire of yours and make you even rethink it at times. I present to you, a difficulty beyond what you’re vocabulary calls, “Hard”.

Xbox One Shader By NightwalkerLots

The second shader to be compatible with Xbox One! The shader brings high-quality lighting along with new sounds, textures, and realism. Works on PC as well!

ESP + Xray

This combines Enitity ESP with Ore Xray! This resource pack has Xbox One support, and can be used on other realms & servers. Now you can see chests, ores, mobs, and much more through walls.

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