Apply to UEC (or the Unity Entertainment Clan) to play with our squadmates! In some games, it's hard to find talkative players with great sportsmanship. So, we created this clan to solve that problem! By joining UEC you get access to our private clan forums as well as special channels in our Unity Discord Server. Stick with us in our journey to create a wholesome and diverse community of gamers where finding the right squadmates won't be a problem again.
Unity Membership
Do you like using video/photo/sound editing tools? Are you a YouTuber or Streamer? Do you create mods for games?  Then we have created a great platform for you! Apply to work on creative projects with other like-minded individuals while at the same time, being the talent that helps Unity's heart pump!
Want your video featured on our youtube channel highlights? Make us laugh with your clips and we'll allow you a platform where you may promote it!

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