Unofficial Hard-mode Patch

Addon Founder: Nightwalkerlots

Twitter- @Lastofthesorrow
Insta- nightwalker_lots



-increased health & damage of all hostile mobs
-Most mobs will apply harmful effects when they attack you
Enderman: Wither

-Skeletons shoot at a faster rate
-Tamed wolfs don't die, hunt down hostile mobs, and carry items for you
-witches throw potions at a faster rate
-Blaze now shoot bursts of 10 fireballs that explode
-Creeper's explosion cause huge destruction and is more likely to one-shot you
-Hostile mobs no longer Burn in day light
-Some enemies know where you are from up to 45 blocks away

-Blaze and Wither skeletons have been buffed and now have a chance to drop diamonds (if you have looting)
-Phantoms have a rare chance of dropping a elytra
-Shulkers have a chance to drop enderpearls
-creepers drop 4x the amount of gun powder
-creepers have a chance to drop tnt
-spiders have a chance to drop fermented spider eye with looting
-witches now drop potions of regeneration, speed, or weakness along with a book of a random enchantment
-zombies have a chance to drop a potion of strength, along with gold ingot and bread
-witches have a rare chance to drop a totem if you have looting
-witches now do a jumping melee attack if you're close enough
-increased the damage of zombies, husks, spiders, and witch to 7
-Fixed an issue that caused random crashes

-Increased skeleton melee dmg from 2 to 6
-Spiders can now chase you a bit faster as well as poison you.
-Skeletons shoot a bit faster, and can shoot from farther distance. As well as chase you slightly faster.
-Skeletons poison you if they hit you with melee attack
-Drowned can move faster in water and land. They now attack from a slightly larger distance and their melee dmg was raised from 3 to 7.
-creepers now run up on you, and you must lose them for 10 seconds to get them to stop chasing you.
-Zombies, Husks, Skeletons and zombie vilagers can now swim underwater with the same pathfinding as drowned zombies.
-Zombies, creepers, skeletons, husks, drowned and zombie vilagers can all now open and pass through doors.
-Arrows can now to dmg randomly from 5 to 7
-Blaze now have a higher chance of droping more diamonds, as well have a chance to drop potion of fireresistance
-Creepers now have a chance to drop fireworks
-Phantoms drop twice as much phantom membrane, as well as have a very slim chance to drop a enchanted totem. They now also drop potions of nightvision
-Mobs will no longer avoid sunlight

V0.8.12 Changes- food update
-Adjusted to work better on update 1.13 beta
-Fixed movement speed on some mobs
-Changed crafing recipes to the stone,iron, and diamond sword
    Stone Sword: 64 cobble + Stick
    Iron Sword: 4 Iron Blocks + Stick
    diamond Sword: 8 Diamonds + Blaze Rod
-Added a new Nether Sword ( 64 Blaze Rod + 2 Nether Star )
-Made tamed wolfs almost invincable
-enchanted apples and regular ones take slightly longer to eat and also apply slowness
-Most foods have been nerfed, and eating anything raw will give you hunger and slowness
-cooked foods take slightly longer to eat
-cookies give you speed
- max stack size to any cooked food to 8
- max stack size to any raw food is 16
-eating cooked meats will grant breif regeneration
-enchant gold apples max stack is 3
-golden apples max stack 8
-Golden Carrots are now a super food
-Made the totem craftable ( Emerald Block Surrounded by Enchanted Apples)

V0.8.12 Bugs
-The Nether Sword does like no damage, will fix soon or remove
-The speed of some mobs may be bugged
-This is an alpha WIP so there will be some problems that will be fixed. Do report them on twitter @UECMT

-Fixed the speed on a few entities
-zombies have a chance to drop a iron sword with random enchant/durability (chances increase with looting)
-Filling Crafting Table with rotten flesh will make leather
-Fixed CookedMutton components to fit the rest of the cooked food effects
-cooking Rotten Flesh in a smoker will make Jerky (Same benifits as cooked beef)
-Removed the Nether Sword
-Updated addon to 1.14

-Removed Jerky
-Removed placeholder files
-Removed NetherSword ghost files
-Putting Rotten Flesh into a smoker will make raw beef
-UUID Changed
-Added addon to GitHub
-Made addon open source (Hand picked contributors, join discord for more info)

-Fixed manifest
-Tridents now smelt down into prismarine_crystals when using a blast_furnace
-Zombie chasing speed is a bit faster
-raised the health and chase speed for zombies and Creepers
-Increased chances and amount of endermite that spawn from a ender pearl
-Saddles now have a crafting recipe
-crossbows now have a crafting recipe
-Blazes reworked to fix crashes
(Blaze health raised to 65, higher attack range, and shoot 8 fireballs instead of 3 at higher frequency)
-All diamond tools now need a blaze rode instead of a stick to craft
-Removed option to craft flesh into leather
-All iron tools now need iron Blocks
-Made a crafting recipe for enchanted_golden_apple
-Gave more uses and effects to honey foods. Honey bottles now remove slowness as well as grant regeneration but give weakness
-Buffed vindicators
-Golden Carrots now give regeneration you but cause weakness
-polarbears and pigs are now hostile
-Pigs have a chance to drop Carrots and gold_nuggets
-Mobs will now drop their heads. Surrounding a mob head with gold will give you a enchanted apple
-added recipe for blaze    rod
-Iron Golems are now hostile to the player
-Buffed loot in end cities, pyramids, and mineshafts.




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