By joining Unity's Minecraft Factions Server you agree to the following TOS. This applies to those individuals who found the Minecraft Factions Server outside of unity's influence. By joining Unity Entertainment's Minecraft Realm you are agreeing to the following guidelines (including ones added in the future) below as well as the consequences for violating the following terms of service. We are not responsible for anything that happens to those who decide to join our Factions Server. If you are streaming while on our Minecraft Factions Server, you are required to have the required credentials to join the server either in your chat via bots or chat moderators, or in you stream description/bio. You may not try and be discrete about the availability of those credentials. Failure to meet this server credential requirement will result in enforced actions taken by a staff member. If you are recording footage on our Minecraft Factions Server that is intended to be seen by an audience, you are required to have the required credentials to join the server via verbally in your video, on-screen in your video in clear text, or in your video description in cleartext. Failure to meet this server credential requirement will result in enforced actions taken by a staff member. Failure to show server credential requirements on a video you have created will result in that video being taken down by Unity Entertainment - in the process, we are not responsible for any damage done to your account on the selected platform of said video or footage. Unity Entertainment is not obligated to contact you or warn you in any way before your video is taken down.
Any actions of an individual or group that results in another player's (or group's) inability to join the realm are prohibited. Players who attempt to lag or drop the TPS (ticks per second) of the realm will be banned immediately. An accusation or report of another player (or group) being involved with these particular actions must provide clear evidence along with their statement. Actions that could count as trying to lag the server (regardless of intentions) include lag machines of any kind, glitched chunks or areas artificially created that crash people's Minecraft clients, and any other action that a moderator or Operator decides could potentially fit in this list (within reason) at the time.
Do not spam chat excessively or participate in toxic behavior towards other players. Punishments and enforcement of chat is completely any moderator's or operator's decision.  
Hacking will not be tolerated on the factions server. The use of any hacked client or third party software, memory stored in cach/ram that can alter the game, or any texture pack/skin pack that may give you an unfair advantage is prohibited. Extra debug or third-party tools are not allowed to be used while playing on the factions server. Hacks such as kill-aura, triggerbot, x-ray, ESP/Tracers (regardless for players or entities), fly hacks, build hacks, teleporting, item/entity spawning, speed hacks, and anything else a moderator or operator deems falls into the category of hacking will quickly result in a permanent IP-Ban from the player(s) in suspicion. If we find a player that is beyond 25k blocks from the center of the world (0.70.0) you will be asked or forced to move closer back to the center. Resisting to relocate can result in a kick, ban, or other improvised punishment. The world file must stay under 2gigs until we can afford better servers.
Alt accounts (or alternative accounts) are not allowed on the realm if you have been banned. If you are banned from this realm, that means you have been banned for a good reason and effectively are prohibited to be associated with the realm forever. If an operator suspects you of being on an alternative account, no proof is necessary for a ban to take place. If you have been banned for using an alternative account, you may report to UECMT (Unity Entertainment Community Management Team) on our discord server and be unbanned provided that you have proof that you are not on an alternative account. If you are successfully unbanned, you will be put on a list. If you are on this list, you may not be unbanned again.
On this realm, we have equipped a mature select people with operator privileges to keep things fair, and to enforce infringement(s) on TOS.  Operators are allowed to make custom items with custom enchants and trade them to other players (as a short alternative to allow these enchants into economy circulation). You may report to UECMT for operator abuse provided that you have proper evidence. An operator reported with operator abuse will have operator removed and will be temporarily banned from the realm. Operator abuse is seen as an operator using operator privileges for reasons that do not involve enforcing TOS. Providing aid to players with operator privileges (whether it be beneficial to their party or non-beneficial to another party for their own benefit) is strictly prohibited. Falsely accusing an operator of operator abuse in any way will result in a 24hour ban from the realm. False accusations are not fair to the operator and could lead to a false and unjust ban of an operator.

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