Unity Entertainment Terms and Policies

By becoming Partnered with Unity Entertainment and/or becoming a Unity Member, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Policies that are set for the safety of you and the Unity Community. This is to ensure that our brand remains a welcome environment for all its members, clients, and audience. Rules and guidelines may vary depending on which Unity Team you are interested in participating in. By becoming a Unity Member, you agree that any Infringements to the following Terms and Rules can result in a Termination of Your Unity Entertainment Membership. 


Basic Community Guidelines: 


As a member of Unity, it is your duty to be the example that the Community shall follow. Unity Entertainment is about bringing like-minded people together in a friendly environment. The following Guidelines will be enforced in order to promote a safe environment for all individuals in Unity Entertainment. Any audience or fan that follows Unity Entertainment Is considered to be in the Unity Community. 


-You shall not bring slander or negative language or profanity in the form of a targeting insult or a serious and non-joking pursuit to put down another Member of Unity Entertainment or anyone in the Unity Community. 

-You shall not judge or single out a Member of Unity or someone in the Unity Community for their nationality, race, gender, age, sexuality, culture/lifestyle, or any other personal preferences.  

-You are not to exclude any Unity Members who request to help with any creative projects. Any projects that are associated with Unity Entertainment or are being handled by any Unity Entertainment Production team is free for participation from any Member of Unity Entertainment. Requesting help, or accepting help from a Member of Unity Entertainment on a Creative Project that is being handled by another Unity Member that does not include a Creative Project for one's personal use shall not obligate payment to any Unity Member Participants.  

-If you are to request participation for Creative Projects that are being handled by another Unity Member, you are not allowed to ask for payment. Before you request that you participate, you must make sure you qualify for the skill set of that project, and that you agree with the creative direction. You are also expected to respect and follow the creative direction of a project that you help with. You are not allowed to threaten your participation in the result of disagreements. But you are allowed to give suggestions to the creative direction of a creative project.  

-You are not to start hostile arguments in the Unity Entertainment Discord. But calm debates about creative subjects are allowed. 

-You are not to act like you are above anyone in Unity Entertainment or treat anyone as if they are lower than you. This particular guideline does not account for any disciplinary warnings that may be ruled out by someone in the Unity Entertainment Community Management Team or Other Unity Moderation Teams. 

-The Unity Entertainment Community Management Team can do the following only with the Unity Owner's Full Consent. 
:Revoke Membership of a Unity Member 

:Approve an application for Unity Membership 

:Make official announcements in the Unity Discord or any other Unity Entertainment Platform associated with social media. 

:Make changes to the Rules of the Unity Discord 

:Make changes to the roles on the Unity Discord 

:Make changes to any text or voice chats on the Unity Discord including adding new ones, or removing them. 

-The Unity Entertainment Community Management Team must give approval to any changes made to the Unity Entertainment Terms and Policies as well as changes to the Creative Direction on any Unity Teams or Projects before those changes are allowed to take effect. 

-A Member of the Unity Entertainment Community Management Team can have Team Membership Revoked, or his Team approval Bypassed if at least 2/3 of the Team have voted against Him/Her. A demotion requires Ownership Approval. Team Approval Bypass does not account for the Recruitment of New Community Management Staff. 

-Any New Members of the Unity Entertainment Community Management Team must first be approved by ALL Members of the Community Management Team as well as the Unity Entertainment Owner. 

-The Owner of Unity Entertainment has the authority to Bypass Team Approval from the Unity Entertainment Community Management Team. But this Approval Bypass does not account for the Recruitment for New Community Management Staff. Ownership Nomination for a Membership of Community Management staff must be approved by all Members of the Unity Entertainment Community Management Team. Lack of approval from the Community Management Team will overrule Ownership Nomination and the Recruitment of New Community Management Staff. 


Promotional Partnership and Audience Growth: 


Unity Entertainment tries it's best to grow the audience of all our members. To continue to do this, we must have ways of making this Promotion Mutual to ensure that Unity Entertainment remains big enough to be able to be the best platform for our members. 


-Unity Members must help to promote the minimum of, 

The Unity Website 

The Unity YouTube Channel 

The Unity Discord 

And the Unity Twitter 

To ensure that there is as much traffic in these areas as possible to help promote other Unity Members. 

-To help promote our hardest working members, when asked, you are obligated to make a video for the Unity Youtube Channel to address who you are as an individual member and what you bring to Unity Entertainment. These unity Member videos are saved in a public playlist on the channel. This is to help you grow notoriety as an Individual, and get as much support from Unity as possible. 

-You get out of what you put into Unity. So if you are not actively taking part in the growth of Unity Entertainment, then Unity will stop taking part in your growth and you will eventually be removed as a Unity Member for inactivity. This is to avoid a buildup of none participating members. Being a Unity Member is a title that must be earned. 

-All Unity Members must acknowledge on their platform in plain text that they are Partnered with Unity Entertainment 

-You are not to promote association with any other clan, gaming team, music records, or any other Team Collected Titles. 

-You are allowed to have product sponsorships 

-You may not speak about, claim participation in, or give details about Internal Unity Entertainment Creative Projects if they have not been Publish or Made Public by official Unity Entertainment Social Media Platforms.  

-The Unity Entertainment Roster (All Unity Members who are displayed on the Website) Will only display the Social Media and Logos that you have already made Public. This shall Include your personal Twitter/Instagram accounts in the absence of a Business Account, as well as your Creative Platforms such as Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, and others. 

-Any content that you create on YouTube or any Streaming site can have its footage show up on the Unity Entertainment YouTube Channel in the form of Stream Highlights, Funny Moments and other Compilation Styles. Trying to claim these videos on the Official Unity YouTube Channel will be seen as a disagreement to the Terms and Rules that you have agreed to, and can result in a revoked membership. These videos are to both, bring attention to you as a creator, and bring attention to the Unity Channel to help us better able to give attention and notoriety to the Individuals in Unity Entertainment who deserve it.  

-Video Submissions to the Unity Website should only be in a Family Friendly Manner. You are allowed crude humor, but nothing in a sexual nature. All cursing must be censored. 


UECMT Management Guidelines:

-All actions that are done in association with the UECMT is tracked for each device that uses it

-Do not subscribe to anything or login to any websites by using the UECMT email address

-Sharing the login to the UECMT gmail account will result in immediate termination of your Unity Membership

-Do not login to the UECMT on a device that is for public use

-Do not attempt to change the password of the UECMT account or fix a security issue on your own. If there is a breach in security you are to report it to Unity's founder.

-Do not make changes to the Unity Website that have not been authorized by Unity's founder

-Posts on Instagram using the UECMT account must be taken down if requested by Unity's founder

-The UECMT Gmail can be used to view and accept Membership Request Forms. But it takes at least two members from the Unity Entertainment Community Management Team to accept a Request Form. You may only send accept/deny Request forms with email Templates that can be found as .txt files in the google drive of the UECMT account.

-Do not store anything of the google drive of UECMT unless authorized by Unity's founder

-Do not give any information to anyone about UECMT's Gmail account. Leaked information of any kind will get you kicked from Unity Entertainment.


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