Unity Modding Team (Xbox)

Some downloads require horizon to use, click HERE if you have trouble installing horizon.

We've made premium quality add-ons & Resource Packs for Minecraft bedrock Edition. All of which are FREE and have Xbox One support. We provide frequent updates, as well as respond to feedback on our FORUM.
GameSaves with built-in mod menus. If you have an Xbox 360, these mod menus can be used on Xbox One. Treat yourself to our off host menu that is built into "Icebreaker V3".
Modded Skyrim Characters for Xbox 360! There are currently two provided. One is Pre CC (Pre Character Creation), the other is a fixed race, but with much more benefits such as god-mode. Which one is which? Guess you gotta download both.
A combination of modded characters, legit characters, and modded weapons! These game saves can be used on Xbox One, given you have an Xbox 360.

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